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This Valentine’s Day, instead of flowers or chocolate, give the one you love the gift of respect. Show them you truly care by donating to a safer, more equal future for them. To give a gift, start by creating a custom Valentine’s card.

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We humans love love. We make movies, sing songs, wage wars, move mountains, all for the ones we love. Imagine if we applied that passion towards making the world better for our loved ones to live in.

Respect Her is a statement. It’s a call for men and women everywhere to take a firm stance against sexual harassment and assault—if not for themselves, then for the ones they love. It’s reframing respect as a prerequisite for love and giving every individual a way to show that there are more of us fighting against inequality than for it.


The black heart is the new symbol of true love. Why? Because its darkness represents the death of what came before. The death of complacency and the objectification of women. The death of being silenced by societal pressure. The death of treating women as prizes to be won with frivolous trinkets. The black heart represents strength. Respect. And ultimately, love.


We are women. Women who are tired of seeing our sisters suffer. Tired of feeling unsafe walking home alone at night. Tired of putting in twice the work for ¾ the pay. This is our stand. To make a statement and make a difference.

All donations go to nonprofit charitable organizations that fight sexual harassment and assault—organizations that give a voice to the voiceless and guidance for those who are lost.